00 Flour Vs Bread Flour: The Ultimate Flour Showdown

00 flour and bread flour; are popular in the baking world all around Europe. If you want to know which one to use for which recipe, try knowing about 00 flour vs. bread flour.

00 flour is made of softer wheat than bread flour. It also has a comparatively lower protein content than bread flour. And the lower protein content will make better bread because it makes the dough more extensible when baking. 00 flour requires longer fermentation than bread flour.

Here you’ll get to know about 00 flour and bread flour in detail. These details will help you to make finer dough for the recipe you’re trying. Even using the right flour will make baking easier and more fun.

Basic Differences: Give A Quick Check

Here, you’ll get some basic differences between 00 flour and bread flour. Before reaching the perfect dough and ideal taste after baking, you must know these.

Basic Comparison00 FlourBread Flour
Taste and TextureLess Elastic and mildMore elastic and robust
Gluent ContentLessMore
Protein Content8 to 10 percent12 to 14 percent
ingredientsFinely grounded wheat flourRed spring wheat
Better ForPizza and pasta doughPizza and bread

What is 00 Flour?

00 flour or double zero flour is widely used for pizza dough around Europe. After baking, 00 flour pizza dough turns crispy and tasty. It will give a mild chewiness with every bite.

This flour originated in Italy around a century ago. So, you can guess how traditional it is. 

The scale defines 00 flour texture. 00 indicates the finest baby powder texture of the flour. You can hardly find any alternative to this flour. This is the smoothest and silkiest flour found for pizza. And, if you don’t know, you should get the smoothest flour to get that perfect dough. Not only best for pizza, but this can also be the easiest flour to bake with.

Neapolitan pizzas are the most renowned type of pizza made of 00 flour. They also make really good fresh pasta. 

If you do longer fermentation with 00 flour, it will give a tangy flavor with a crispy crust. This dough includes little water to make it more delicious. However, try cooking in a wooden oven if you want a less yeasty flavor.

What is Bread Flour?

Bread flour is known to be a nutritious option with a chewy texture. It is popular for its high gluten content and high protein content.

This flour is used to make pizza dough, crusty bread, and other chewy baked foods. However, this flour is a good option for health-conscious people. 

Bread flour is high in protein and also enhances the crustiness after baking. This flour will bring off a white and fine texture. You can make it perfect with bread flour if you try out recipes leavened with yeast.  

Bread flour will make really good baking. But the first thing you need to know is measurement is the key here. The more accurate amount you’ll use, the more perfect the dough will be. 

It’s hard to find a substitute for bread flour as it has a perfect protein level and an elastic texture that perfectly creates gluten chains. You can make really good bread, instant cakes, and other delicious high-protein bread. 

00 Flour Vs. Bread Flour: How Are They Different?

00 flour and bread flour are both different in taste, texture, and nutritional value. Even while baking with these flours, you need to follow different recipes. Let’s give a quick check on detailed differences to choose the best flour for you: 


After baking, 00 flour gives a delicate and classic flavor. On the other hand, bread flour holds a robust flavor. After baking, the taste will depend on other ingredients. Bread flour gives a better taste than yeast-based bread. At the same time, 00 flour makes mild cakes tastier.

Texture and Gluten Content

00 flour is comparatively less elastic than bread flour. It is because of the gluten content existence in the bread. The higher the gluten content will be, the more elastic the dough will turn.

Bread flour has more gluten content which makes it chewier than 00 flour. Even before baking, 00 flour can be easily identified by its smooth, silky, and baby powder-like texture. On the contrary, bread flour will make rougher dough. 


Bread flour makes perfect white bread,m crusty and crunchy pizzas, dinner rolls, bagels, sourdough bread, and cinnamon buns. But traditionally, they are used to make different types of bread. In contrast, 00 flour is perfect for making pizza and pasta dough. Also, 00 flour is good for making traditional Neapolitan pizzas, pastries, and instant cakes. 


Ingredients are the major factors that make 00 flour and bread flour different from one another. 00 flour gets its silky and smooth texture from finely grounded durum wheat. And bread flour is made of red spring wheat with high protein content. 

Protein Content

Soft wheat flour holds 0 to 12 protein content, whereas hard wheat flour holds it above 13 percent. Bread flour has a high protein content that is measured somewhere between 12 to 14 percent. It makes bread flour considered to be a string flour with more gluten-forming ability. On the contrary, 00 flour includes around 8 to 10 percent.

Water Absorption Ability

Different flours have different levels of water absorption ability. Water absorption varies on its texture. As 00 flour has a finer and smoother texture, it can absorb more water to make ideal dough for pizza/ pasta. However, bread flour absorbs less water which makes perfect dough for bread.

Additional Tips for Using 00 Flour and Bread Flour

00 flour and bread flour are both different in most ways. While you’re baking with one of these, try knowing the following tips. These will help you make the finer dough and tastier baked foods.

Follow here: 

  • Try 00 flour if you want a mild and light flavor. It is better for homemade pasta and light pizza. 
  • You should give enough time to make the ideal taste and texture while using 00 flour.
  • 00 flour will make an amazing thin crust. But if you like your pizza crust to be in the limelight, use bread flour instead.
  • If you experience a tough time while managing the dough, go for 00 flour. This will give a more elegant and delicate dough in a shorter time.
  • While you’re using bread flour, try choosing the right yeast. They will make a major difference.
  • While making the dough, try to salt it properly. If you fail to mix it in the right amount, the entire food will taste flat.
  • 00 flour requires extra heat and extra time. You should be patient and use the right equipment to achieve the best result.
  • The fluent amount will vary on the flour brand you’re using. So, try checking on the ingredient list before choosing any brand of 00 flour or bread flour.
  • If you’re trying to make strong flavored bread with 00 flour, include vitamin C. Vitamin C will give more strength to the flour.
  • Well, your dough will require enough time. However, don’t forget it for too long. The dough’s rising time differs regarding the weather and even the room temperature.

Nutrition value: 00 Flour and Bread Flour

Let’s see a comparison between the nutritional facts of 00 flour and bread flour.

Nutrition Facts (100 g)00 FlourBread Flour
Fat3.3 g1.7 g
Carbohydrates77 g73 g
Protein10 g14 g
Iron0 g5.7 mg
calcium0 g19 mg

How do you Store 00 Flour and Bread Flour?

You can store 00 flour and bread flour similarly. You just need some air-tight containers to keep them fresh for months. And, if you’re using packaged 00 and bread flour, follow the instructions written over the package.

Additional tips to consider while storing 00 flour and bread flour:

  • Store the flour in a cold atmosphere. This will keep the natural oils of the flour in the right balance. It is better if you can keep it in the freezer. Freezing the flour will also keep it protected from pests. 
  • An air-tight container is essential to protect the flour from the air, oxygen, and other spoilage.

If you can store the 00 flour and bread flour properly, it can stay fresh for one month at room temperature, three months at a cooler temperature, and around six months in the refrigerator.

Double Zero or Bread Flour; Which Is Better for Making Pizza and Why?

Well, most prefer 00 flour for making the best pizzas worldwide. However, 00 flour or double zero flour is better for some recipes, and bread flour is better for others. 

The pizza dough preparation with 00 flour is quite quick and easy. You can make perfect dough instantly even if you’re not a professional chef because the flour is finely grounded and gluten-free. For this, your pizza dough will be more elastic and easier to knead.

However, 00 flour requires a longer time, and is better if you can use the wooden oven to get the desired texture. If you can manage it by following the correct method, 00 flour will give an ideal shape than bread flour.

But if you prefer rougher and more elastic bread, bread flour would be the only pick. This is best if you want stronger flavored flour.

Alternatives to 00 Flour and Bread flour

It is tough to get the perfect substitute for both 00 flour and bread flour. You must improvise the recipes with other flours to get the closest taste. 

However, for 00 flour, there are some other flours you can consider like all-purpose flour, wholewheat flour, semolina flour, self-rising flour, and even bread flour.

Among all, bread flour is considered to be the best alternative option for 00 flour. Still, they are not the same; no other flour can bring you the closest taste to 00 flour. If the choice is for making pizza dough, remember that bread flour will make the pizza chewy because of its high gluten content. So, pick this option if you’d prefer a chewier pizza crust. 

On the contrary, bread flour’s closest substitute is all-purpose flour. But you should consider maintaining the perfect amount of bread flour to bring the closest texture to bread flour.


00 flour and bread flour are two different flours but they are great for different recipes. 

Still, professional chefs love 00 flour for a thinner crust and bread flour for exploring different flavored slices of bread. This article has provided enough information about their differences and uses. Try considering them for making the ideal pizza/ pasta or any other baking items. The last saying would be, never give up and keep trying; the best and ideal dough is yet to arrive.

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