Angel Hair Vs Thin Spaghetti

Angel Hair Vs Thin Spaghetti

You’ll find different types of pasta on the market, such as Bow Tie pasta, Bucatini pasta, Penne pasta, and more. Angel hair pasta and thin spaghetti are two of the most popular types. Both of the pasta are made of wheat flour. They resemble each other in many other ways. Still, angel hair vs. thin spaghetti is a debatable topic.

Thin spaghetti pasta is more like traditional spaghetti. In comparison, angel hair pasta has a finer taste and texture. Thin spaghetti goes well with heavier sauces. In contrast, thin spaghetti tastes better with lighter sauces.

You can serve these pastas in many ways. Try knowing a bit more about angel hair and thin spaghetti pasta before you start cooking.

What Is Angel Hair Pasta?

Angel Hair Pasta

Angel hair pasta is one of the tastiest pasta around the world. This past looks long, thin, and round in shape. This past is named after its look because it looks like “thin hair.” This pasta not only tastes good but is also healthy enough. 

You can prepare this pasta by coating it with garlic, olive oil, cheese, and other simple ingredients. Also, it can taste better if you add some vegetables, seafood, and sauces according to your preference. However, you make it, serve it immediately. Else, this pasta might dry out soon.

And the core ingredient of angel hair pasta is Durum wheat flour. This is nutritious and contains vitamins, minerals, iron, and folic acid.

In Italy, angel hair pasta is considered one of the most popular and delicious. In Italy, this past is also known as Capelli D’angelo. It is the thinnest type of past available. Its measurement is around 0.78 to 0.88 mm.  

Angel hair pasta is a suitable pick for vegetarians, lactose intolerants, fish free & peanut-free people.

What Is Thin Spaghetti Pasta?

close up photo of capellini

Thin spaghetti pasta is also called “capellini” in Italy. It looks thin, quite long, and nests by shape. Generally, thin spaghetti seems 12 inches long. In Italy, this pasta is known as “little twine.” And if we measure the pasta, it is around 140 micrometers large. 

This is a smaller and thicker version of regular spaghetti. However, they are delicate enough to fall apart by heat. So, if you overcook thin spaghetti, it will turn onto angel hair pasta.

Thin spaghetti pasta is better known for its variety. You can prepare it in many ways; it will taste delicious in every other way. You can use both thin and thick sauces with it. Light tomato sauce is a popular pick for most. To add some protein, use meatballs here. This will make the thin spaghetti a perfect lightweight meal. 

However, you can serve thin spaghetti with soup, salad, or even as an appetizer. This one is quite healthy as well. Thin spaghetti pasta is made of semolina and durum wheat flour. It is full of vitamins, minerals,s and iron. 

Angel Hair Vs. Thin Spaghetti: What Are The Differences?

Some confuse angel hair pasta and thin spaghetti pasta. In reality, these are different in many ways. However, sometimes, it can get hard to differentiate between them. 

Give a quick check here: 

Basis Of Comparison Angel Hair Pasta Thin Spaghetti Pasta
Size 0.78 and 0.88 mm1.5 to 2.8 mm
Best served with Thin saucesThick sauces
OilDrizzle with olive oilYou can skip using oil
DrynessGets dry after cooling It can be eaten after cooling. The dryness doesn’t affect the taste.

You can learn a bit more about these two popular Italian variants of pasta. Although they are made of the same flour, you can find differences while cooking. Everything can be spotted, if you notice well, from the appearance to the size.


Angel hair pasta is two times thinner and longer than thin spaghetti pasta. Before you cook, the angel hair pasta is 0.78 and 0.88 millimeters in size. In contrast, thin spaghetti is 1.5 and 2.8 millimeters in size. Though thin spaghetti is thicker than angel hair, it is still one of the thinnest versions of spaghetti. 


Angel hair pasta is round in shape. It looks much finer than thin spaghetti. You might want it to keep light while cooking. This looks good in shape with light ingredients. On the other hand, thin spaghetti resembles traditional pasta but thinner.


Angel hair pasta is a delicate food in texture. It looks thinner than any other pasta on the market. Whereas eating thin spaghetti pasta will feel chewy. It has a fine texture. But if you overcook the thin spaghetti pasta, its texture will get milder, like angel hair pasta.


Angel hair pasta and thin spaghetti have distinct flavors. Angel hair pasta might not taste like traditional pasta. It has a stringy taste. It will taste regarding the recipe you’re following. On the contrary, thin spaghetti pasta is sharper in flavor. It will taste regarding the sauce you’re pairing it with.

Serving Ideas

You can serve angel hair pasta with soup, roasted vegetables, and meat. Though both have a similar flavor, you can serve them differently as thin spaghetti pasta with thick sauces. And for a unique flavor, you can mix both thin and thick sauces. 

On the contrary, angel hair pasta goes better with thin sauces (pesto and primavera) and light dairy sauces. To make it taste more flavourful, serve thin spaghetti with seafood-based dishes, clear soups, and broths.

Health Benefits

Angel hair pasta is a suitable meal for vegetarians and lactose intolerant. It is high in calories and protein. Another amazing thing about angel hair pasta is it is made of whole grain/wheat. 

So, it meets your hunger easily and improves your appetite. Even people with high diabetics can eat this. This pasta is low in fat and gluten as well. Angel hair pasta gives good energy to your body. Even eating this pasta will improve your digestion power.

On the contrary, thin spaghetti pasta seems a good source of vitamins, protein, fiber, and minerals. It is safe for people with cholesterol issues. This thin spaghetti is low in cholesterol and fats. So, eating this pasta will give you nutrition and an amazing taste.

Nutrition Facts of Angel Hair Pasta and Thin Spaghetti

NutrientAmount in 56 gm of Angel Hair PastaAmount in 100gm of Thin Spaghetti
Calories200 cal208 cal
Carbs42 g41.28 g
Protein 7 g7.3 g
Fat 1 g0.8 g

How To Make Angel Hair Pasta?

Angel hair pasta is a quick recipe to try. It is perfect instant food made with a few basic ingredients. Angel hair pasta goes well with light sauces, soups, broths, and cheese. It has various recipes you can try.

  • First, start by boiling your pasta in hot water. Then add a pinch of salt to bring an enhanced flavor. 
  • Now, take another pan to cook the additional elements. Pour some oil, take chopped vegetables. People mostly prefer adding tomato as it gives a tingly taste to your pasta.
  • Now, stir the vegetable mixture with basic spices ( garlic, salt, pepper, chili flakes, cheese/ sauce).
  • Go back to the boiled pasta, drain the excess water and let the pasta cool for 10 minutes. 
  • Now, pour the pasta into the vegetable and spice mixture, and stir for 3 minutes.
  • Do some garnishing according to your taste, and your pasta is ready to serve.

How To Make Thin Spaghetti Pasta?

Cooking your thin spaghetti pasta takes less than 10 minutes. It requires a few simple steps; anyone can make this pasta taste. Let’s give check on the recipe for thin spaghetti pasta:

  • Start with boiling the water. Now, pour some thin tomato sauce into the mixture with the water. For taste, you can add a pinch of salt.
  • Now, put your thin spaghetti pasta, and stir it well.
  • Keep the heat at mid-level, or the thin spaghetti will fall apart.
  • Now, drain the water properly.
  • You can add meatballs, seafood, and vegetables to add an additional taste.
  • Take the pasta in a bowl, garnish it with your favorite ingredients, and serve it.

You can add other recipes too. If you want to keep it simple, skip using meatballs or seafood. 

Can You Use Angel Hair Spaghetti For Thin Spaghetti?

No, you can’t use angel hair pasta with thin spaghetti pasta. It will not be the exact dish. Some might not notice the differences between these two. However, angel hair pasta has a unique taste and appearance. 

But, if you have thin spaghetti and want the taste of angel hair pasta, boil it for some extra minutes. Because of the heat, thin spaghetti will be more delicate. And for more taste, you can follow the recipe for angel hair pasta.

You can alternate these two parts for one another in different dishes. Just follow the recipes for better taste.

Why Do People Prefer Angel Hair Pasta More Than Thin Spaghetti Pasta?

Most people prefer angel hair pasta over thin spaghetti. This is because of the shape. It might sound weird, but the taste of pasta will vary a lot regarding the shape of the pasta. If the pasta is delicate, it mixes vegetables and spices well. 

Also, you can use varieties of spices, sauces, and cheese. The best thing about angel hair pasta is it requires a very minimum amount of sauce. You don’t have to use tons of ingredients to make it tasty.

Also, this pasta takes a little time to prepare. So, regarding all this angel hair, pasta seems to be people’s favorite. 

Still, the taste is only a matter of preference. Some might like the traditional sharp flavor of the pasta. Both of them are rich in flavor and nutrients.

You better try both of them and decide which one is your best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cups of water for angel hair pasta?

Angel hair pasta is a delicate one. So, you obvious;y won’t want it to overcook. Before boiling, you can take four cups of water and fill the bowl with one-third of angel hair pasta. For the taste, add some salt. Adding more water to it might overcook and ruin the taste of your angel hair pasta.

Does olive oil prevent pasta from sticking?

Yes, olive oil is a healthy option to make your pasta texture smooth. It makes the pasta easy to drizzle and mix. So, consider using a bit of olive oil while preparing your pasta.

What is thin spaghetti served with?

Thin spaghetti is popular both as a side dish and a main course. You don’t need to serve it hot immediately. It tastes good even with cold salads. As this pasta is thick and heavy, you can add sauces and meats. 


Pasta has different types varieties. These tons of varieties might confuse you. The best thing is you can prepare these pasta in different ways.

Anel hair and thin spaghetti are two different ones. One is thin and light in color, whereas the other one is heavy. Which one you will prefer would vary regarding personal taste. The best thing is both can be prepared in a few minutes. You just need to know how to make each one properly.

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