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The Quest for Spice: Exploring the Finest Alternatives to Mustard Seed

Sometimes, when cooking, we suddenly realize that one of the ingredients is missing. However, it does not mean that we have to stop making the specific dish. If you are lacking mustard seeds, there are a few items you may use in place of it while you’re creating your favorite meal.

Even with fantastic servings of veggies and meats, a dinner is worthless without mustard seeds. The greatest mustard seed alternatives should be known in case you run out of the hot yellow ingredient. Those ingredients are Wasabi, Turmeric, Horseradish, Caraway seeds, Cumin, and Mayonnaise. Additionally, substitutes for mustard seeds can be different types of mustard such as Mustard powder, prepared mustard, and wholegrain mustard. Black, brown, and yellow mustard seeds have different spiciness and flavor, so make sure to consider them before using them interchangeably.

Below, we will learn about mustard seed substitutes in cooking. So, let’s start an interesting exploration.

What Are Mustard Seeds Used For

Mustard seeds are widely used ingredients in cooking. It is frequently consumed with meat or used as a culinary component. Yellow mustard seeds, black mustard seeds, and brown mustard seeds are the three different varieties of mustard seeds.

Peppery, hot, crunchy, and spicy are some ways to characterize mustard flavor. Originally from Indiana, mustard seeds are frequently used in specialties like soup, curries, and sauces to enhance their flavor. However, throughout time, it has become commonplace and used in a variety of ways all over the world.

Yellow mustard seeds are considerably milder than black mustard seeds, so you may use at least twice as much of them in place of the latter. Although they are not as hot as black mustard seeds, brown mustard seeds are nonetheless hotter. Additionally, the two types are interchangeable.   Any recipe that asks for mustard seeds can utilize all three of them. To acquire the same flavor, you might just need to change the amounts.

The issue is that it might be difficult to locate these small seeds. As a result, you might occasionally need to use something else in place of mustard seed.

8 Best Substitutes for Mustard Seeds

 SubstituteBest For
1.Cumin seedsCurries, Pickles, Rice dishes, Meat
2.Caraway seedsPickles, Curries, casseroles, stews
3.WasabiFish dishes, Marinades, Salads
4.HorseradishBraised vegetables, potato salad, Egg dishes
5.TumericSoups, Dry food, Curry
6.mayonnaiseThickening agent
7.Prepared MustardMarinades, Sauces, and Stews
8.Ground MustardSalad dressing, Marinade, Meat, Stew

Multiple ingredients can be used in place of mustard seeds. In the majority of recipes, the alternatives listed below for mustard seeds work the best.

1. Wasabi


Wasabi, a green spice with a spicy flavor, is primarily used as the major flavor enhancer in sushi and other Asian cuisines, along with celery seeds.  It offers the same strong, Sicilian taste that horseradish and mustard seed provides. Wasabi is the ideal alternative for mustard seeds because of its inherent spiciness.

In foods that call for a lot of heat, wasabi works best as a substitute for mustard seeds. Wasabi will also contribute much to the dish’s taste. It is hotter than mustard seeds, similar to horseradish, hence it is advised to start with half the customary amount when using wasabi in place of mustard seeds.

2. Horseradish


Horseradish and mustard seeds actually have a lot in common because they both belong to the same botanical family. Despite having different flavors and appearances, these two spices may be used interchangeably in a variety of recipes.

For instance, you may use horseradish in place of fresh mustard seeds in dishes that call for them, such as braised zucchini. Horseradish tastes best when ground in advance, however, this may be changed. In place of the mustard seeds, add half as much horseradish. Remember that horseradish is hot and spicy, so use caution.

Horseradish is widely accessible in markets and local shops, but if finding fresh horseradish proves to be too challenging, another option is to prepare it at home.

3. Caraway Seeds

Caraway Seed

Like mustard seeds, caraway seeds have a warm, somewhat spicy taste. As a result, they make an excellent substitution for mustard seeds in dishes like curries and pickles that call for entire spices.

Caraway seeds are possibly be used instead of mustard seeds with the same amount. You might want to add cumin or garam masala to your recipe to enhance the taste since caraway seeds are a little milder than mustard seeds.

4. Turmeric

In Asian cuisines, turmeric is a typical spice. However, it is also well-known on other continents because of its appeal to flavor and health. Due to its vivid yellow hue and flavor characteristics that are comparable to those of mustard seeds, peppery and refreshing, turmeric can be used in place of mustard seeds.

There’s no need to worry about flavor variations when you swap turmeric for mustard. This is because it has a milder flavor than wasabi and horseradish.

The ratio of 1:1 makes turmeric work best as a replacement for mustard seeds in soups and dry foods. Additionally, turmeric has incredible medicinal qualities that boost immunity and relieve inflammation.

5. Cumin


Another excellent spice to have, this one is widely used in Indian cuisine, particularly in curries. Although cumin doesn’t taste precisely like a mustard seed, it may be used as a replacement since it still has a citrus flavor. Cumin also has a strong flavor.

To further enhance the taste, combine cumin with a different ingredient like wasabi or horseradish. It will still provide a fantastic flavor to whatever food you prepare.

6. Mayonnaise


Although it might sound unusual, mayonnaise is a fantastic alternative to mustard seeds. But only for yellow mustard seeds.

The mildest mustard seed is yellow, and it’s frequently used in cooking to slightly thicken sauces. You may substitute a tablespoon of mayonnaise for the missing yellow mustard seed to get the same consistency but not the same flavor.

Use a different replacement to aid with the flavor and be sure to use very little so it doesn’t overpower the dish’s flavor.

7. Wholegrain And Ground Mustard

Ground Mustard

Since wholegrain mustard tastes so much like your missing component, it works incredibly well as a substitute for mustard seeds. The majority of recipes, as well as pickling and salad dressings, will work nicely with this alternative for mustard seeds.

But keep in mind that whole grain mustard has a tangy vinegar flavor, so you might need to add a small bit of sugar to make up for it. Use roughly half as much wholegrain mustard as you would mustard seeds.

If you can’t locate mustard seed, the powdered mustard powder is typically available in the supermarket’s spice department. This powder will work similarly to a mustard seed and last for a very long period. The same distinct mustard taste may be achieved in most meals by using ground mustard seed.

Crushed mustard is a fine powder created by pounding mustard seeds. We use this powder to make yellow mustard, which is smooth mustard. black mustard seeds are used to manufacture mustard powder, which has a stronger flavor.

8. Prepared Mustard

Prepared Mustard

It can’t be found anyplace else. Dijon mustard or specifically prepared mustard can be used in place of mustard seeds in practically any recipe. In stews, marinades, and sauces, it can take the place of mustard seeds.

Most mustards are milder than ground mustard, especially yellow mustard. Consequently, a minor adjustment may be performed to get the required taste. Or alternatively, add another 2-3 tablespoons if you wish to increase the mustard’s density.

For every tablespoon of prepared mustard, one teaspoon of mustard seeds can be used. The best substitution for mustard seeds is yellow mustard. The majority of designs may be constructed with common mustards like dijon or fiery-earthy colored mustard.

Different Types Of Mustard

Mustard seeds come in three well-known colors: yellow, black, and brown. Since they are all members of the mustard family, you can substitute the other two colors if you just require one color of mustard seed.

White mustard seeds can be substituted for brown or black mustard seeds, which are stronger and have a spicier flavor than white mustard seeds.

Brown mustard seeds are more savory than white seeds but milder than black seeds, therefore you should use more white and less black in place of brown seeds. Therefore, to balance the flavor of the brown seeds, the replacement parts require either more white seeds or less black seeds.

If you need black mustard seeds and they are not available, feel free to substitute them with four times as many white and twice as many brown seeds. Black mustard seeds have the strongest flavor of all mustard seeds.

Best Substitute for Mustard Seed In Pickles

You may substitute mustard powder for mustard seed while preparing pickles. However, this might change the taste and make the liquid for pickling cloudy.

Cumin seeds make the greatest alternative for mustard seed in pickles. Additionally, another option may be the Caraway seeds. Neither will obscure the liquid while still imparting a fantastic taste to your pickles. You may also completely omit the mustard seeds and use another spice in their stead, if necessary.

Bottom Line

Mustard seeds are very well-liked seeds that are utilized in many different cuisines all over the world. It adds a characteristic pungent, somewhat spicy taste to a variety of foods, including curries, soups, and sauces. It is also used to make famous mustard sauce.

Mustard seeds come in a wide variety and have a wide range of applications. However, you may locate alternatives so you can still create the dish even if you don’t have any mustard seeds on hand.

We’ve listed a few ideas above, the list can be very helpful when you are curious about the ideal substitution for mustard seeds. Depending on how hot you want your cuisine, be sure to adjust the quantity and kind of mustard seed alternative you use.

Mustard Seeds

8 Best Substitutes for Mustard Seed

Seasonal and Savory
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Servings 4


  • Cumin seeds
  • Wasabi
  • Caraway seeds
  • Horseradish
  • Tumeric
  • Mayonnaise
  • Prepared Mustard
  • Ground Mustard


  • From the list of substitutes above, pick your favorite to use in its place.
  • Use your imagination and be creative with these substitute recipes!

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