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Craving That Crispy Texture? These 7 Substitutes for Tempura Flour Will Do the Trick

Tempura flour is a blend of several types of starches and flour. Typically, it is used as a batter to coat various foods including fish, vegetables, fruits, and meats. Additionally, this flour mixture is frequently used in Asian kitchens, particularly in Korean and Japanese dishes.

Pre-packaged tempura flour is difficult to get, especially in nations where tempura production is uncommon. Therefore, if you are wondering how to replace it in the recipes, Here are excellent alternatives that you can use.

The list of tempura flour substitutes includes Tokoyaki flour, Okonomiyaki flour, All-purpose flour, All-purpose flour & potato starch, All-Purpose flour & Mayonnaise, and All-purpose flour & Beer.

What Is Tempura Flour

Tempura flour may be traced back to Portuguese missionaries who arrived in Japan in the 16th century, it is particularly popular in Japanese and Korean cuisines. This product, which contains a number of components, is made to make creating the tempura batter-making process simpler for you.

The manufacturer’s formula determines exactly how much of each type of flour and starch to use. Low-protein or gluten-free flours such as cake flour, rice flour, wheat flour, etc. are examples of Tempura flour ingredients.

A small amount of baking powder is also included to create a light, fluffy texture. MSG is also occasionally used to enhance the taste. Egg powder, tapioca starch, emulsifier, and coloring material are additional components. To give them a unique flavor, tempura flour may occasionally be combined with additional flavors like pepper, garlic, and spices.

When combined, the batter surrounds the meat, fish, or veggies in a thin, crispy-fried texture. Foods with a tempura coating are often served as sides or appetizers. They might be consumed with a dipping sauce.

Uses Of Tempura Flour

Food that typically includes tempura flour is eaten hot. When using the dipping sauce, always dip the tempura rapidly and prevent soaking it for a lengthy time. You may also season the sauce with a little salt or lemon juice, as well as a little quantity of shredded radish.

Foods with tempura coating include seafood tempuras, which include Prawns, squid, shrimp, scallops, and other sorts of fish. On the other hand, vegetable tempura is created with carrot, onion, shiitake mushroom, lotus root, green pepper, sweet potato, and perilla leaf. However, you may also experiment with the fruits, veggies, and shellfish you can find.

Tentsuyu, a dipping sauce prepared from soy sauce, mirin, and dashi, as well as shredded daikon radish and ginger to whisk into the sauce, is typically served with tempura.

Best Tempura Flour Substitutes

 SubstituteBest For
1.All-Purpose FlourOnions, Seafood, Tempura squid, vegetable bowl, Ten Don, tempura, Tensumu, tempura Squid, Dragon roll
2.Okonomiyaki FlourSeafood tempura, Shiso leaves, Eggplants, Vegetable tempuras, Lotus roots, Dragon roll
3.Takoyaki FlourKobocha tempura, Sweet potatoes, Seafood tempuras, Kabocha tempura, Tensumu
4.Rice FlourSquash, Seafood tempuras, Onions, Eggplants, Kakiage Tempura, Ten Don
5.All-Purpose Flour And Potato StarchMushrooms, Vegetable bowl, Onions, Tensumu, Seafood, Tempura squid, Kabocha tempura
6.Mix Of All-Purpose Flour And MayonnaiseCarrots, Shiso leaves, Vegetable bowl, Onions, and Sweet potatoes
7.All-Purpose Flour And BeerTen Don, Seafood, Tensumu, Mushrooms, Kakiage Tempura, Kabocha

You would assume that this component can’t be substituted because of how unique it is, however, the opposite is true. And the possibilities that may be used in place of tempura flour in your cuisine are listed below.

1. All-Purpose Flour

All purpose wheat flour in bowl on wooden background

Tempura flour may easily be replaced with all-purpose or plain flour. Plain flour may perform the same function as tempura flour because both are made from wheat grains. Hard wheat and soft wheat are combined to create all-purpose flour at a ratio of 80:20.

Additionally, this flour works well for making various kinds of pastries, cakes, pizzas, and bread. It has a delicate feel akin to tempura flour.

It’s imperative to use cold water rather than warm water when combining all-purpose flour. This will stop it from becoming soft due to the gluten. A chewy texture rather than a crispy Tempura is produced by vigorous mixing, which raises the temperature of the batter. You might need to include additional necessary items when substituting it with all-purpose flour. For the ideal tempura batter, these include egg and baking powder.

2. Okonomiyaki Flour

Japanese food ingredient, Okonomiyaki Dashi flour

Soy and unbleached wheat are used to make okonomiyaki flour. You don’t need to add other ingredients before mixing because it is already packed. Due to the use of several spices, the flour has a distinct seasoning. With the addition of leavening chemicals to the flour, it is made to rise effortlessly. Like tempura flour, this produces a fluffy texture.

The taste of okonomiyaki flour is another uniqueness. This flour occasionally includes bonito shavings, a vital component of dashi stock. This gives the flour and consequently the batter an umami taste reminiscent of seafood. The texture of the pre-packaged okonomiyaki flour may change if other ingredients are added. And it can result in chewy Tempura rather than crispy ones.

3. Takoyaki Flour

Takoyaki Flour

The batter that covers Takoyaki, a Japanese street dish, is made from takoyaki flour. The flour, which is akin to the flour used in Okonomiyaki, is prepared from wheat flour and dashi stock. Given that both Tempura flour and this alternative are created from wheat flour, they are a great replacement.

Takoyaki flour, on the other hand, is sweeter than Tempura flour, bringing forth a dessert-like sweetness. Any additional ingredients may result in chewy Tempura if they are put into Takoyaki flour.

4. Mix Of All-Purpose Flour And Potato Starch

Potato Starch

An inventive replacement for tempura flour is to combine potato starch with all-purpose flour. Since all-purpose flour contains gluten, the Tempura becomes chewy rather than crisp. The ideal replacement is made by combining all-purpose flour with potato starch to produce a Tempura-like substance that is crispier.

Two cups of all-purpose flour and one cup of potato starch should be combined. The Tempura becomes crispier the more potato starch you apply. If all-purpose flour is unavailable, you can substitute potato starch instead. However, the tempura could cook hard rather than crisp.

5. Rice Flour

Rice Flour

Tempura flour may easily be replaced with rice flour, which is created from rice that has been finely crushed. It is a gluten-free flour that is packed with vitamins and minerals. Rice flour is a common component in Asian treats including rice cakes, rice crepes, and other sweet treats.

This flour is one of the best for preparing tempura batter since it doesn’t contain gluten. Gluten-free flour produces the ideal level of crispiness in tempura. Additionally, rice flour doesn’t absorb oil as conventional flour does, so your tempura will be crispy without tasting greasy. The healthier alternative to tempura flour is this one.

6. Mix Of Mayonnaise And All-Purpose Flour

This may appear to be an odd substitution, but it functions pretty well as a substitute for Tempura flour. By combining some mayonnaise with all-purpose flour, you might create your own Tempura flour. The secret ingredient for all fried meals is mayonnaise. Egg, vinegar, and oil are all components of mayonnaise, which contribute to the airiness and crispness of fried meals.

This foundational element contributes to a delectable, golden batter with a desired crunch. Mayo should be mixed with water when added to tempura batter. If you’re concerned that mayonnaise will smell sour, don’t be After being fried, the Tempura loses its tangy mayonnaise flavor.

All-purpose flour with mayonnaise can be used in place of tempura flour to create a crispy, golden-brown coating. For the ideal combination, combine 40g of mayonnaise with every 100g of flour and 200g of water.

7. Beer And All-Purpose Flour

You might prepare your batter with beer if you’re searching for a bold alternative to tempura flour. You might use a different liquid to mix your batter if you don’t want to use water. Beer’s alcohol is very flammable, which makes the tempura crisp and airy.

How To Prepare Tempura

The essential ingredients of a tempura batter are eggs, flour, and ice water. Slices or strips of seafood or vegetables are coated with Tempura flour batter before being swiftly deep-fried in hot oil. The most popular cooking oils are vegetable oil or canola oil, however, sesame oil was historically used to prepare tempura. The batter remains, called tenkasu, are scraped off in between batches of tempura to keep them from burning and giving the oil a disagreeable flavor.

To assist your taste to feel more refreshed, serve the freshly fried tempura with tentsuyu dipping sauce and grated daikon. It creates a fantastic main meal that you can eat by itself. Matcha salt, yuzu salt, and curry salt are a few flavorful salts that complement tempura nicely. You may serve tempura over cold soba noodles or over steamed rice in a dish called Ten Don.

Bottom Line

Particularly when working with a new recipe, some items could appear challenging to substitute. And although most flours may be switched out with ease, tempura flour presents a fresh difficulty. It might be difficult to replace this item because it is used often in Asian cuisine. But there are several common alternatives, explored above that may be used in their place and are useful stand-ins.

Chef prepared flour before cooking fried shrimp / Cooking Tempura Udon concept

7 Best Tempura Flour Substitutes

Seasonal and Savory
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Servings 4


  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Okonomiyaki Flour
  • Takoyaki Flour
  • Rice Flour
  • All-Purpose Flour And Potato Starch
  • Mix Of All-Purpose Flour And Mayonnaise
  • All-Purpose Flour And Beer


  • From the list of substitutes above, pick your favorite to use in its place.
  • Use your imagination and be creative with these substitute recipes!

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