In a significant move within the culinary blogging sphere,, a popular food blog known for its focus on seasonally inspired recipes, has announced its acquisition of, a widely respected platform centered around wholesome, allergen-free recipes. The strategic acquisition marks a pivotal moment for both the blogs, effectively creating an extensive platform for food enthusiasts around the world. has carved its niche in the food blogging industry with its remarkable content, focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients to inspire home cooks. The blog’s popularity grew thanks to its wide-ranging recipes that cover diverse cuisines, aligned with the seasons, to encourage eating fresh and local. From delightful summer salads to comforting winter soups, has always prioritized seasonal produce in all its culinary creations.

On the other hand, has been a go-to destination for individuals looking for wholesome, allergen-free recipes. Recognizing the needs of those with dietary restrictions, the blog provided a cornucopia of options, demonstrating that “free-from” cooking need not be flavor-free. Their innovative recipes and focus on inclusivity, even for people with dietary restrictions, were greatly appreciated by their audience.

The decision to merge the two platforms was based on their shared philosophy of promoting healthy, flavorful food. The acquisition allows to enrich its content with a diverse range of allergen-free recipes, and to reach a larger audience and inspire them to embrace the joy of cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Angela Roberts, the founder of, expressed excitement about the acquisition in a recent statement. “We are thrilled to have as part of our platform,” she said. “Our readers have always valued our focus on seasonally inspired recipes, and this acquisition will provide them with an even greater variety of options. It’s a win-win situation for all food enthusiasts, as we work to create a comprehensive resource for wholesome, flavorful cooking.”

With the acquisition, the combined blogs aim to provide an extensive range of recipes, cooking tips, and food inspiration that align with their mission to promote healthy, delicious, and sustainable food choices. The move is expected to bolster their position in the food blogging industry and provide a richer, more diverse culinary experience for their readers.

Indeed, the merge of and represents a significant step in the evolution of the food blogging industry. By pooling their resources and their passion for high-quality, healthy food, they are set to shape the landscape of food blogging, creating a platform that provides value, education, and inspiration for all food enthusiasts.