Rice Cake

What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like?

Rice cake is one of the most popular recipes all around the world. In many Asian countries, during different celebration times, rice cake is made in the same way as Americans are making a turkey on thanksgiving day. It’s been around the world for centuries and with the right recipe, it tastes really good.

It has a different taste experience for different people but the most important thing is, you can eat it with sweet or spicy, whatever the ways you like.  

Usually, the plain rice cake tastes the same as its name with nothing interesting in it. Even though it’s tasteless and bland, many people especially many Korean people like to eat it in this way. Another taste comes from molded rice cake which is a bit chewy compared to a plain rice cake.  

This is why many people consider eating rice cake with different add ones. Keep reading our article to find more on which rice cake will taste better.

What is Rice Cake? What Does It Taste Like? 

Rice cake: Rice cake is a type of food that is made from rice flour. It is a fluffy and light appetizer. They are available in a wide range of tastes. To name some, the list includes chocolate, plain and green tea.

Most of the time Rice cakes are produced from either white rice or brown rice and unlike white rice, the latter rice cake is made of full grain. In most Asian countries, it’s considered a typical snack that is made from pounded rice with a steaming process.

Basically, this whole process is done using water or other liquids mixed with it.

Taste: Plain rice cakes are not as flavorful as other foods but it has a dry taste since they are high in fiber. Rice cake, in general, tastes a bit bland and if it’s mixed with a different ingredient such as cheese or veggies, then it gains some dramatic effects along with some good texture.

Is Rice Cake Good For Health?

Yes, rice cake affects greatly our health. If you are a busy person striving to make a healthy fit in your life while constantly on the go then the energy particles of rice cakes will give you the energy boost you need.

Although there has been some argument over the health advantages of rice cakes. An unflavored, unsalted brown rice cake includes:

Calories35 kCal
Total carbs7.3-gram
Fiber0.4 gram
Manganese0.3 milligram

The health benefits you can expect from Rice cakes are:

  • Because of the low-calorie content, rice cake help you to lose weight. 
  • The protein level of the cakes also contributes to making you feel fuller for a long time.
  • Additionally, rice cakes are rich in calcium, which is vital for strong bones.
  • The presence of probiotics in rice cakes aids the digestive system to work with better functionality.
  • In Addition, a protein in rice cakes named casein with a slow rate of digestion helps to prolong feelings of satiety.
  • Rice cakes have a low glycemic index and don’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels after eating. That’s why it assists to control blood sugar levels and treat diabetes.

It also helps the immune system to be strengthened and reduces illness.

Ways to Make Rice Cake More Delicious

If you’re stuck to the traditional rice cake recipe, there are a lot of things you can do to make the rice cake more delicious than one can barely forget.

Same old spread vs. Easy quick recipe, you certainly know which one will win. In the following, we are going to describe some of the popular ways to make rice cake more delicious. 

How to make it:

You can spread the goat cheese simply on the top of the Rice cakes. Since most of the time this cheese is sold in logs, you can also add strawberries and a little balsamic glaze to it.


We strongly recommend buying balsamic taproom and olive oil if you haven’t already. Although balsamic vinegar and EVOO are of the best caliber. You are open to sampling any of those. Find which one is available nearby with a Google search and find it on the maps. 

How to make it:

Make your rice cake with hummus by putting it on top of your cake. Alongside that, you can put the leftover cooked such as different curry or mashed pickled items or raw vegetables on it. Carrots, raw cucumbers, tomatoes, or grilled zucchini you can put anything on a rice cake and that’s the beauty of it.


Keep in mind that, most store-bought brands of hummus are filled with unnecessary and additives ingredients. Making the process of this rice cake is much easier than you think so you may not need to go to a shop to buy readymade rice cakes. Hummus is a freezer-friendly food so don’t worry about keeping Hummus and Veggies with rice cakes.

How to make it:

Put your favorite nut butter on the top of rice cake along with bananas and pepitas (pumpkin seeds) 


It certainly helps to keep the body in a good shape. It’s a crunchy, healthy alternative to processed sugar foods. You can use creamy peanut butter and bananas to get a better taste. It can make a crunchy and sweet breakfast for any age group of people.

How to make it:

Cinnamon can make any toast tastes delicious. You can top your rice cake with Cinnamon, apple slices, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), almond butter, honey, and cinnamon. Kids love this recipe so much.


It’s a very sweet recipe. In fact, touching it can turn the tip of the finger into a sugar-flavored stick. It also contains lots of other ingredients including caramel color and butylated hydroxytoluene.                                                                                                                                                                     

How to make it:

A very simple and straightforward recipe. Just spread avocado on top of the rice cake and there, you will get an avocado toast-inspired dish. To add flavor, you can add sesame seeds and see how it works with the main recipe. You can put sliced tomato or cucumber to make it more decorative. 


If you are looking for a fast option to make this dish, instead of spreading avocado, slice them and put them on top. Then put some sesame seeds along with crushed red pepper to give it a sparkling look. It can be don’t in less than a minute which is really handy for time-constrained people.

Is There Any Alternative to Rice Cakes?

If you don’t have any rice cake around or looking for a rice cake alternative then you may consider fresh celery. Eating celery with peanut or almond butter will give almost the same taste as rice cake and you can get almost the same whole-grain taste.

You may also consider popcorn which also has common substances with rice cake and you can enjoy popcorn either popped out of a hot stove or with other pleasuring food. These have 3 grams of fiber which is better than rice cakes.


What sized rice has better flavor?

Cakes made of small rice are comparatively tastier than more enormous rice cakes.

The small shape also contributes to making the flavor better since small rice cakes are compressed and can be used to make many flavors. Small rice cakes are gaining more popularity around the world. Small rice cakes are softer than irregular-sized rice cakes. 

Can you store rice cake?

Of course, you can. In fact, their flavor starts to develop much better when you store rice cakes. With time the flavor gets more intense and you get a better taste.

You will get a better taste if you can preserve it perfectly in an airtight container. Frozen rice cakes are best to eat since they can preserve and develop the taste at the same time. But don’t preserve it for a long time or else it may lose its taste.   

Wrapping Up

If you ever get bored with anything you can have a rice cake in no time if you have proper ingredients lying in the house. Also, you can find rice cakes available on amazon or local grocery stores.

Our suggested recipes will give you an idea of how to enjoy rice cakes to their fullest. You can enjoy it mild or have it hot with hot pepper items. Although some rice cakes are crunchy, most of the rice cakes are chewy and that’s made the rice cake a unique recipe.   

Enjoy your happy rice cake.

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