Mountain Dew Baja Blast

What Does Baja Blast Taste Like?

Mountain Dew is one of the most popular drinks worldwide. But did you ever heard of Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast? If not, newsflash for you, apparently there is a Baja Blast flavor of Mountain Dew which is exclusively found in Taco Bell only. You may be curious- “What does Baja Blast taste like?

Baja Blast is a drink with tropical and fruity flavors such as mangoes, and pineapples, adding a sweet and fizzy taste. Most people say it has a very distinctive taste of citrus with an added bit of refreshment. 

In this article, we are going to talk more about Baja Blast, what people think about this, and more. Stay tuned to this article to know more. 

What Does Baja Blast Taste Like? What Ingredients are Used?

Mountain Dew Baja Blast is a unique flavored drink of Mountain Dew that is only found in Taco Bell. This drink has a distinctly fruity taste, some people like this flavor because of its uniqueness, while others find it too sweet or artificial. With a strong citrus flavor, Baja Blast is a refreshing drink overall.

As its name suggests, taco bell’s menu is largely influenced by Mexican cuisine, and the spicy meals go nicely with the strong lime flavor.

The two conglomerates, Taco Bell and Mountain Dew, originally collaborated on it in 2004 and haven’t looked back since it started to gain popularity. Even sip-off variants in various tastes, such as pina colada, mango gem, and many more, have been created.

Ingredients used in Mountain Dew Baja Blast

Carbonated Water6. Gum Arabic
High Fructose Corn Syrup7. Sodium Citrate
Natural and Artificial Flavors8. Calcium Disodium EDTA (to Protect Flavor)
Sodium Benzoate (Preserves Freshness)9. Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate
Caffeine10. Yellow 5, Blue 1

How Much Caffeine And Alcohol Is In Mountain Dew Baja Blast?

a woman holding a cup of baja blast

There isn’t any precise information about how much caffeine is available in the Baja blast. But according to Wikipedia, a 355 mL can of Mountain Dew has 54 mg (equivalent to 152 mg/L) of caffeine. 

Mountain Dew Baja Blast probably contains about the same amount of caffeine as the other Mountain Dew varieties. The FDA and Mayo Clinic both suggest a 400 mg daily caffeine consumption is normal and will not cause health risks. And, calculation says that 400 MG caffeine consumption is equivalent to about 8 mountain Dew Baja Blast. 

And when it comes to alcohol, Baja Blast doesn’t have any as it is not mentioned in the ingredients list.

What Do People Think Of The Taste of Baja Blast?

The flavor of Mountain Dew Baja Blast is sweet and tropical. With a dash of lime, it perfectly combines the distinctive citrus flavor of Mountain Dew with the flavor of pineapple. This taste is energizing, minty, and perfect for any time of the day.

The Mountain Dew Baja Blast flavor has been quite a topic on the internet for many years. Some claim it has a tropical Starburst flavor, while others say it is overly sweet. Whatever people may think about the flavor, there is no denying that it is distinctive.

A taste comparison between Code Red, another well-liked Mountain Dew flavor, and Baja Blast was conducted by one YouTube user. According to the user, Code Red and Surge taste similar to Baja Blast. While the other two sodas have since been discontinued, 

A First We Feast writer tried Baja Blast for the first time and compared it to Hawaiian Punch in a 2015 article. The soda was “exceptionally sweet,” according to the author, and had a “syrupy mouthfeel.”

How to Make Mountain Dew Baja Blast

Baja Blast is a popular drink but the unfortunate thing is no one can buy it from any shops So if you want to try Baja Blast, you have to go to Taco Bell or make it using Mountain Dew and Gatorade.

To make things easier for you, here 3 simple steps you can follow to prepare the drink anytime you want.

Gather The Ingredients

Mountain Due Baja Blast

  • Mountain Dew- 2 cups (474 ml)
  • Cool Blue Gatorade- 1 cup (237 ml)

Homemade Mountain Dew

  • 2 limes
  • 2 oranges
  • ¼ teaspoon (0.8 g) cream of tartar
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups (474 ml) water
  • 2 lemons

Combine the Ingredients

Measure regular Mountain Dew in the amount of 2 cups (474 ml) in a Tall glass. Add the Gatorade to a cup (237 ml) and stir in it. The mixture will take on a Baja Blast-like aquamarine color when the two liquids combine.

  • Double or triple the quantities of each beverage if you want to make a larger batch. Maintain a Mountain Dew to Gatorade ratio of 2:1. [1]
  • Yes, Baja Blast has a tropical-lime flavor, but the best flavored homemade version you can make is by using cool clue Gatorade. 

Chill and enjoy 

To add refreshment to the beverage, you can add a few cubes of ice in the glass and enjoy the chilled homemade Baja Blast. You can also put the beverage in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to make it chilled if you don’t want to add ice cubes. 

Turn the drink into a slushy 

You can make your Baja Blast into a slushy by blending it with lots of ice. About 18 ice cubes and the Baja Blast should be blended together. When there are no significant ice chunks left, blend the mixture on Snow or Ice Crush mode for about a minute.

Enjoy the slushy in a tall glass. 

Last Thoughts

Did you find the answers you were looking for?

The taste of Baja Blast is loved by many. If you are a fan of Mountain Dew, there is a high chance you are going to love the taste of Baja Blast too. It has that typical Mountain Dew flavor, but with an added twist. 

But if you are not a fan of Mountain Dew, a good amount of chance won’t like the beach feeling this drink gives. Nonetheless, it does not hurt to taste it once. Hope this article cleared all your questions. Good luck!

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