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What Does Bang Star Blast Taste Like?

Star blast, sounds cool right? When someone shouts star blast, it feels like a punch from an anime character. But in the USA, bang star blast is one of the renowned and popular energy drinks which they illuminate as “Fuel Your Destiny”. But you can barely find any kind of testimony on their website about the flavor of this drink.

Bang Star Blast is a type of flavored energy drink from the company named Bang. Even though it has flavor, there is no sugar added to it. Its taste isn’t that strong, more like a cola flavor. But not entirely cola, if you put fruits and sugar-free monster energy drinks altogether, you may find its’ taste. 

But this is not all you want to know, right? Well, keep reading this article to find out more on all the details about this tasty energy drink

What is Bang Star Blast? What Kind Of Taste Does It Have? 

The parent company of Bang is Vital pharmaceuticals ltd. Where they produce different types of nutraceutical drinks such as teas, keto coffee, and most importantly energy drinks. Their headquarters is located in Florida, USA.

From the company, they labeled that Bang star blast is potent for the brain and body, a fuel that makes no mistake. Certainly, that’s true because it’s the third largest energy drink bought by energy drink consumers right after Red bull and Monster. Since BANG star blast doesn’t contain any high sugar, it sure gives a lot of life energy without giving you extra fat.

What it tastes like?: In simple words, Bang start blast tastes like in the middle of red, white, and boom flavors. Some people, especially in the US, call it cherry flavor.

But it doesn’t taste entirely like cherry. Sometimes it feels like a bit of lime or sometimes strawberry. If you know about Bon Pop, you can easily guess the taste since all the above taste mixes like Bon Pop and star blast taste almost the same. There is a sense of pear in the background of its taste. Although depending on whether you are drinking it from a can or glass, you may feel a different taste.

You can sense strawberry for sure but whether you can get the taste of peach or pear with it may vary sometimes. Different people have different opinions on it

Sweetness wise it has an interesting mix of syrup taste in it. The syrup is basically high fructose corn syrup but it’s not that syrupy compared to other energy drinks in the market. Since it doesn’t contain the fig syrup taste, you will definitely love it. 

Nutrition and Ingredient Information of Bang Star Blast 

In a can of 16-ounce star blast, which is their highest-selling can, you will get 300 mg of caffeine. This high caffeine alone is enough to boost your energy.

Caffeine is popular to amplify endurance and strength and the caffeine present in the star blast is nothing different. Although you can get another variant that includes 0 caffeine with the presence of all the ingredients below.

Sodium40 mg2%
Potassium85 mg2%
Vitamin B 121.5 mcg60%
Vitamin B 60.5 mg30%
Vitamin C27 mg30%
Magnesium5 mg1%
Niacin5 mg30%

*The Percentage mentioned in the daily values are centered on a calorie diet of 2,000 kcal. Depending on your daily routine, the values may go higher or lower. 

All these nutrients are prone to keep your body fit and give you ample energy to work all day. Over that these are natural boosters, unlike many pills and powders which harm your body big time. The potassium presence of this drink helps to preserve it for a long time.

Is Bang Star Blast Good For Health?

Bang star blast is considered one of the healthiest energy drinks available in the market. But anything overconsumption may lead to a bad outcome which is not unknown to us.

Bang star blast contains high caffeine which in general is a pretty energy-generating ingredient. 

As it’s sugar-free, it’s a big relief not to get worried about how much sugar we are in taking from this drink. Sugar is called white poison and consuming this on a high basis may not only make you fat but also bring other problems. This helps the drink also to be a calorie-free component.

If you go through the ingredient, most of the things present in it doesn’t make much harm. Carbonated water, vitamin C, citric acid, and calcium chloride are all prone to good health. Also like other drinks, it doesn’t have fructose corn syrup which is really great. You can have a wonderful time enjoying this delicious and sweet drink.

With the burst of caffeine without worrying about calories, what better way you can lose weight?   

Where Can You Buy Bang Star Blast?

You will get Bang Star Blast in almost any major store to shelve. This drink is available in two different versions which are called caffeinated and non-caffeinated.

In most of the shops where Monster energy drinks or Red bull is sold, Bang star blast is also available there. You will get the Non-caffeinated version available in two different cans which are 12 ounces and 16 ounces.  

However, you will get the caffeinated version in a 20 oz can beside the sizes of the cans available for non-caffeinated versions.

Although major convenience and grocery store sell bang star blast, we are listing down some online site names along with grocery store names where you can find bang star blast available.

Online stores:

Physical Stores:

 Official Site for purchase:

Is There Any Real Fruit Available In Bang Star Blast?

Bang star blast has a name for tasting varieties of flavors including different types of fruits. But in reality, there is no fruit is being used in it.

As the company says, there is no real fruit that has been incorporated into the production lineup of bang star blast. They use natural and artificial fruit flavors to make the bang star blast. Although these artificial flavorings are extracted from real fruits and it’s a tough task to mix and balance all the fruits in the drink.


What is the difference between a black and white can of Bang Star Blast?

This is one of the common confusion people get while buying Bang star blast. The white can is basically the version where there is no CoQ10 or caffeine. The black can comes with 300 mg of caffeine which is why the can is painted in black color. Other than this two, there is no difference between them.

Should you drink Bang Star Blast chilled or at room temperature?

Any drink flavors well when you drink it chilled and bang star blast is no different from those. You can have it at a normal temperature but drinking it in a cold flavor will give you an unforgettable taste. If your bang star blast is at normal temperature, put some ice in a glass and pour the can in it. You can really enjoy it with a wholesome taste. 

Can you get fat from drinking Bang Star Blast?

There is absolutely no chance of getting fat from drinking bang star blast since there is almost no presence of sugar. Usually, health-conscious people drink it with their Kato diet chart which gives them a good boost in their energy along with a healthy drink. 

Final Words 

If you try it initially, you will feel a rocket pop kind of flavor from it. Due to the styling of the can, you can have the feel of drinking something from another space and if you pour the drink into a clear glass, it’s very general to mix it with sprite or 7up color.

Bang star blast is a highly carbonated drink. With namely amount of syrup and sweetness, this tastes like a tropical candy flavor. Among all other Bang drinks, star blast has a very strong flavor, taste, and essence. With super creatine flavor and the mix of strawberry cola mix, this drink will really surprise you. You can barely find a question not to try or enjoy this drink.

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