What Does Celery Taste Like?

Celery is a fancy vegetable that you can use in tons of recipes. It is a plant-based herb that has a unique taste. It’s nothing like other boring green vegetables. Some seem to like its taste, whereas many don’t prefer to eat it. So, you might ask people, “what does celery taste like?” 

Well, it might sound weird. But, many find celery tastes differently. Some say it tastes salty, whereas others say it has a tangy bitter taste. The best part of celery is its unique crunch in every bite.

Also, celery is rich in nutrition. It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber, magnesium, and potassium. You can use this vegetable in many ways, like making smoothies, curries, and salads. 

Learn more about celery and up your cooking game. 

What Does Celery Taste Like?

little girl enjoy eating Celery

Celery is mild and bold in taste altogether. Four words can define celery taste very well; (leafy, salty, earthy, and bland). 

Which process you’re growing celery will also affect its taste. Some find celery’s taste spicy, whereas others find it sweet. If the plant gets enough water, it might produce sweeter celery.  However, you can make it taste better in different dishes.

While testing celery, you’ll find it salty and watery at first. It has an appealing crunchiness like kale/ salads. The watery consistency gives it a flavor like carrots. The reason behind such taste is celery belongs to a vegetable family (carrots, parsnips, and parsley). The most common type of celery found is “pascal celery.” 

However, some describe the celery as a green onion. It’s because of the earthy, unique flavor. Celery carries furanocoumarins ( an organic chemical compound)  that give a tingly taste.

Celery gives a strange feeling to your tongue. It has a mint-like flavor that creates a strange sensation. If you’ve ever tried beetroot, you might find its similarity to celery. But celery is also a bit spicy in taste. In addition, the leaves of celery seem quite bitter.

It also has this spicy yet tender feeling on the leaf side. Without this spicy taste, it might taste blunt.

However, the taste of celery will also vary depending on the celery type. The lighter the celery color, the juicer its taste will be. People serve celery differently to avoid extreme bitterness. 

Cooked Celery Taste Vs. Raw Celery Taste

potage soup
potage soup with fresh celery

Celery taste will differ depending on several factors. You can serve both raw and cooked celery. Raw celery is used more in salads/kale. It has a refreshing but bitter taste. On the other hand, cooked or baked celery gives a sweet flavor. Raw celery turns into sweet ones through heat.  

If you compare cooked celery and raw celery, you might find some basic differences:

Cooked Celery Raw Celery
If you cook celery, the heat helps to cut off the extreme bitterness of celeryRaw celery is mostly bitter in taste. 
Cooked celery tastes sweetRaw celery is salty and watery
It gives a mild taste to any dishRaw celery has a green robust flavor
After cooking, celery is not that crunchy but tastes juicyRaw celery is quite crunchy and juicy with every bite

Note: It is not necessary that raw Celery has to be bitter. Fresh Celery can be naturally sweet before cooking. Extreme bitterness in your Celery might be as a result of insufficient watering while cultivating. 

Can You Make Celery Taste Better?

salad with celery

Yes, Celery can definitely get tastier if you do some good cooking with it. The best thing about Celery is its versatility. You can serve your Celery in many ways. As: liquid, cooked, boiled, and baked form. 

You can make celery shakes, soup, salads, Clery desserts, Celery appetizers, and many more recipes. Celery juice is comparatively better in taste than raw ones. It gives a sweet flavor to your tongue as you can use sweeter there. Also, celery juice is pretty hydrating that can keep you active all day.

If you are eating raw Celery, try it out with cheese dippings. This makes Celery a hundred times easy to eat. Also, peanut butter makes a good combination with Celery. 

And while cooking the Celery, add some basic spices to bring the traditional flavor. For example, garlic or onion can cover up the smell of Celery. You can also use some beetroot for your dish with Celery. 

  • Celery juice is known for its unique taste. If you’re making a banana/ pineapple shake, mix some celery with this. Blend all these nutritious fruits together, and then mix celery juice with it. If you want to serve it sweet, mix some honey. Sugar in it.
  • Celery stuffing is a healthy and tasty snack for all. You can make a topping with peanut butter, dried fruits, and stuffing. And for the filling, you can use tuna, cricket, beef, or crab. This makes an amazing seafood appetizer. 
  • Salad is a raw and most nutritious form of eating Celery. To make the salad more attractive, cut it into different shapes and make a vegetable tray here. For a better taste, do some quick furnishing with vinegar, coriander, or chili powder. 

Use Celery with chicken noodles, soup, pasta, or soup. This makes your foods more delicious and unique. For that, chop the Celery in different shapes, toss them well and mix well while cooking.

Is It Normal That I Hate The Taste Of Celery?

Some think Celery is the worst vegetable to eat. However, Celery is known to be one of the fanciest and healthy vegetables. But its robust smell doesn’t impress everyone. The entire dish might smell the same when you put Celery in a dosh. So, Celery would be a big “NO” for people who hate its smell.

Also, the texture of Celery is quite rough and watery. Although some love the crunch, others think it is unpleasant for many. Some compare chewing Celery with chewing soap.

And, when it comes to taste, this might taste like nothing. You’ll get those crutches and swallow some watery things. Raw celeries are not easy to handle. Its earthy, grassy taste with a hint of bitterness or salt will give a bland taste. So, it’s very normal if you also don’t like the taste of Celery.

Is Celery Healthy Enough?

Celery has major health benefits that can keep you fit and fone. It protects you from some deadly diseases ( heart attack, cancer, jaundice and urinary issues)

Healthy Diet

The best thing about Celery is it is low in calories and fat but high in fiber. So, people who are following a weight loss diet can enjoy it anytime. If you’re health concerned, Celery would be your favorite snack.


Celery is full of antioxidants that keep your blood cells active. So, it can even work as a cancer-preventive item. The antioxidants will keep you protected from oxidative stress. It has apigenin and lutein. These two flavonoids can kill cancer cells. They are also able to remove dysfunctional cells from your body.

Low Blood Pressure Issue

Celery ensures your body is getting healthy blood flow. It has a phytochemical that helps relax artery walls and expand muscles to lower your blood pressure. In China, Celery is recommended by doctors as a natural medication for low blood pressure.

Skin Inflammation Issues

People who have skin inflammation issues will find Celery a very healthy vegetable. Drinking celery juice regularly will protect your body from such issues. It has a phytonutrient antioxidant that makes anti-inflammatory elements in your body. And even the existing luteolin compound can prevent the inflammation of brain cells. 

Also, Celery has been proven to reduce significant health risks. It will be beneficial to prevent memory loss, promote neurogenesis, fight cholesterol problems, take care of cardiovascular health, aids your digestion process, supports your sex life, prevents diabetics issues, and many other facts.

Nutrition Factors Of Celery

Celery is a healthy pick for an everyday snack. It can be cooked in many ways, but the nutritional value would be higher than any other similar vegetables. 

Celery is more nutritious than any other vitamin. It has a high amount of vitamins A, C, and K. 

Also, there is a balanced level of fat, protein, sugar, and carbohydrates. Celery also holds a good amount of calories on it. Even doctors suggest eating it for women during menopause. During those times, women need extra strength and care. In addition, celery is enriched with phytoestrogen. So, Celery is a very healthy food for everyone. 

Nutrition factors of 1 cup of chopped Celery:

Nutrition FactorsNutritional value
Sugar1 (g)
Protein -0.7 (g)
Carbohydrates3 (g0
Fat0.17 (g)
Fiber1.6 (g)
Vitamin K29.59 (g)
Vitamin C3.13 (g)
Vitamin A453.49 (g)
Potassium262.6 (mg)
Sodium80.8 (g)
Lutein 285.83 (mcg)

Tips For Making Celery Taste Better:

Properly using Celery might make it more interesting for you. For the sake of health benefits, you might want to try it. But because of the bland taste, you might not always want to use it. 

Follow these tips for making Celery better:

  • Use pickles and other spices and marinate Celery properly. This makes your Celery taste more delicious.
  • You can experiment with raw Celery in different kinds of salads. They suggest using it like carrots/salads.
  • Serve Celery with other nutritious vegetables. This will make your dish tastier and healthier.
  • If you can’t add sugar/ honey to your celery recipe, use some dates instead. It will decrease the bitterness of Celery. 
  • Cut Celery in tiny sizes. You can use it in almost all dishes.’
  • Prepare Celery well before cooking. Cut off the leaves, base, strings, and all the extras before cooking. Remember, preparing it well will be essential for adding texture to your food.
  • Raw Celery is healthier than cooked ones. This holds more nutritious factors. So, if you’re prioritizing nutrition over vitamins, eat raw salads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Celery Clean Your Mouth?

Yes, Celery is healthy for your mouth. It takes good care of your oral health. It cleans in between your teeth and gives a refreshing feeling. Chewing Celery will kill and neutralize bacteria. This also offers massages to your teeth. 

Is Celery Safe For All?

Celery is known to be a healthy vegetable. However, some should avoid eating this. People for example, people with sensitive digestion systems, bloating issues, and pregnant women should avoid eating/ drinking celery. And, if others experience allergic reactions or digestive problems, they should also try Celery.

What Is The Best Way To Eat Celery And Get Its Maximum Health Benefit?

If you want to keep the Celery tasty yet nutritious, try steamed ones. Steam celery with some basic spices or vinegar will make it delicious without reducing its nutritional value. 

Why Does Celery Make You Lose Weight?

Celery is an ideal vegetable for people who want to follow a weight-loss diet. This includes fewer calories in the minimum number. Instead, it consists of a larger amount of calories in the digestion process. 

How Do You Keep Celery Fresh Longer?

Cut Celery into smaller pieces and wrap it well with plastic wrap. Now, you can store it in a container filled with water. This will keep your Celery fresh for at least two weeks.

Wrap Up

Celery is a bland yet healthy vegetable. People who’re health conscious love those vegetables;e. It has hundreds of health benefits. Raw Celery will be comparatively more beneficial. It is tingly, bitter, and salty in flavor. However, you can add some sweetener to make it appealing to eat. You can add Celery for the main course, side dish, and even in between meals. So start experimenting with Celery and enjoy it well.

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