What Does Geoduck Taste Like?

Do you know in many Asian nations, this “geo-duck” clam is considered a delicacy? It typically costs around USD 100 per pound in China and is served at fancy restaurants on special occasions.

But how geoduck tastes? What kind of nutritional advantages it has over other seafood?

Geoduck tastes sweet and salty, with a fresh fragrance that reminds you of the oceans. It tastes like sashimi, which can be eaten raw or cooked. It is also extremely beneficial to one’s health. Its nutritional properties include a high caloric content as well as protein, calcium, sodium, potassium, and other minerals, as well as 0% fat which will help you lose fat while also providing nutrients to your body.

We know you have a lot of questions about Geoduck. So, to clear up your confusion, we provided all the answers in the later part of this article.

What Does Geoduck Taste Like – Taste and Texture

Pacific geoduck Elephant Trunk Clam Sashimi and Tempura

Geoduck looks a little weird, but it’s not as bad to eat as it looks. Geoducks taste mellow and they get deeper and softer when cooked with stews. In the winter, It makes a good recipe if you chop it up and add it to soups. It adds flavor, protein, and zero fat to the soup.

Tastes: Geoduck is both chewy and crispy. But It might not be appealing to anyone who is not familiar with shellfish recipes. But the overall geoduck taste isn’t that horrible. If you like the ocean flavor of sashimi, this is the dish for you. 

The mouth-watering flavor of Geoduck provides the cuisine with an additional dimension. The flavor of geoduck meat is sweet and distinct.

Geoducks are different from other mollusks due to their delicate, crisp texture. It has a crunchy clam aspect when it’s raw, which is a distinct nature of geoduck.

Texture: There are two main components of Geoduck. One is a siphon, sometimes known as a neck or shaft. Another one is called the shell. It has a calm stomach inside. This is a part popular in Japan because it is cooked for food there. The breast or belly is the area that holds the stomach. The siphon/neck part is prevalent who eat geoduck regularly.

Is Geoduck Poisonous?

Usually, bivalve molluscan shellfish such as oysters, mussels, clams, scallops, and geoducks can sometimes be poisonous. They accumulate a type of paralytic poison that is common among shellfish. This poison can be harmful if it mixes with the edible part of the geoduck. 

However, boiling geoduck firmly can make this poison go away. After cleaning the geoduck properly, put it in 100-degree boiling water for around 30-40 minutes. This will destroy the remaining poison of the geoduck.

In any case, if you or anyone near you took the poison portion of the geoduck, try to vomit or make them vomit forcefully so that the poison got out of the system. Although it happens in likely cases taking precautions is necessary. After that, try to contact the nearest doctor as fast as you can so that the doctor can resolve it properly.  

How To Clean Geoducks Properly

For this part, you can use tap water, since you are only cleaning the dirt. Sands can also be cleaned while cleaning the dirt.

You possibly can’t eat geoduck in any form with sand and dirt present in it, can you?

  • Now pick a toothbrush and take some soap wash or liquid dishwasher on it.
  • Then start cleaning the outside shell and keep cleaning until you create suds that can easily slide down inside the crevice.
  • Make sure to clean all the barnacles since geoducks have a high rate of it. 

How Much Does Geoduck Cost?

Geoducks are limited in quantity. People who harvest geoduck farms need to spend quite a lot on it since it almost needs 5 to 7 years to grow a geoduck to the point where it can be sold commercially.

Until it grows to a certain size, you cant have geoduck on your plate. In general restaurants, you need to spend an average of $15-$30 to have a geoduck meal.

What Are The Health Benefits of Geoduck?

fresh geoduck sashimi

Despite its unusual appearance, geoduck is still one of the healthy options you will get in the market.

It contains Omega 3 fatty acids which give you a healthy heart. It also helps structure the cell membranes.

Although seafood is common for boosting immunities, the ingredients of geoduck are specifically good for any age group’s health to enhance the immunity system. If you want to develop healthy blood cells with a better nerve system, the vitamin B12 in it will help you enhance this process. It also helps to gather protein in your body. Below we are listing down all the beneficial nutrients that are present in the geoduck. 

NutrientDaily Value
Calories86 %
Protein17 gm
Dietary Fiber0g  0%
Cholesterol40mg 13%
Calcium64mg  5%
Potassium147mg   3%
Sodium680mg   30%

What Are Some Recipe Ideas For Geoduck?

Cooked Geoduck: Geoduck can be cooked, though it is typically preferred to consume the trunk uncooked. Typical meals would consist of tiny slices that resembled Japanese sashimi and be served with a thin ponzu sauce.

However, it is simpler to remove the body’s trunk from its shell after a quick parboiling. The trunk meat can then be sautéed and cooked in a chowder-like fashion.

Overcooking geoduck will cause it to become tough and rubbery. Remember to discard the stomach as well.

Raw Geoduck: Geoduck is frequently consumed raw but you need to go through a few steps to make the ready to eat. You should chop them into small pieces before serving. The siphon’s narrower section is best cut into lengthwise strips, perhaps for chowder.

Raw Geoduck is a special food to eat.

  • To transform this into edible, first, place the geoduck in hot water and then put it in ice water. 
  • After a while, remove the geoduck from the ice water.
  • The upper shell should then be removed, and the geoduck’s long part should be cleaned and cut into small pieces as desired.
  • Then it will be topped with homemade chili crisp oil and lemon. You can get a taste of geoduck by cutting chives into small pieces and seasoning them with flaky salt.

How to Tell If Geoduck Becomes Bad?

If the geoduck is dead, it is obviously unsafe to consume. Geoduck can be stored in the freezer for a long time. However, the only way to tell if it’s alive or dead is if it turns off by itself after taping its cell.

  • If it remains open after being taped, it is no longer fit for human consumption. In that case, it is best not to consume such geoduck.
  • Another reason not to eat a dead geoduck is that the toxins it contains are the cause of its death, which can also enter your body as a result of cooking.

So, if it does not feel fresh while cooking, it is not safe to consume. 


Does raw geoduck tastes good?

Geoduck is delicious when eaten raw. It is clear and delicious to eat, and when paired with the sauce, it tastes much better. Although it lacks the spicy flavor of the cooked meat, still it tastes great but makes sure to clean the poisonous part of the geoduck. It may be harmful if it goes in.

Does geoduck need to be washed before eating?

It‘s important for any sea animal to wash before eating and geoduck is not something different. You should clean all the parts of the geoduck before eating it to avoid any kind of harm. Make sure to remove the upper shell after washing the geoduck.  

What does a geoduck look like?

The geoduck looks grotesque. The neck makes it looks like an aardvarks snout. But it is one of the tastiest parts of geoduck. Its skin is wrinkled, more like the schlong of a deformed hippopotamus. It is often compared to giant clams. 

Wrapping Up

Many people may have missed out on geoduck because they were unaware of its existence. It can be found from Alaska to Baja California under marine soft sand or mud. This dish is popular among Asians.

In Japan and China, geoduck is a popular street food. Although it is available in the North West, many people are considering growing it on farms due to the high demand for geoduck.

We believe that after reading this article, much of your confusion regarding the edibility and taste of geoduck will be solved.

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