Tzatziki Sauce

What Does Tzatziki Sauce Taste Like?

Try out this Tzatziki sauce if you want to make your bland meal into a fancy one. It is served with all the traditional food from Greece. Well, before you start exploring this sauce, try knowing what tzatziki sauce tastes like.

Tzatziki is served chilled and filled with some herbs. So, you can expect it will bring a refreshing flavor with every bite. Whether trying this sauce with meat or salads, it brings a unique taste.

Tzatziki not only can be tasted with various things, but you can also make it in different ways. And in every way, Tzatziki will remain super healthy. So, you must be excited to try tzatziki sauce. Read this article and try knowing more about this incredible sauce.

What Is Tzatziki Sauce? 

Tzatziki Sauce is used in different ways all around the world. Some serve it as a dip, and others love it as soup. It’s one of the most popular sauces used in Southeast European cuisine. It can make any dish taste better with its creaminess. 

The tzatziki sauce is originally from Greece but is quite popular in the Mediterranean. It’s considered an exceptional addition to making your lunch and dinner easier. Whether you’re a meat lover or vegetarian, both can taste this delicious sauce.

The main ingredient of Tzatziki is cucumber and Yogurt. It can contain different recipes for this sauce. But the authentic Greek one uses Yogurt made from goat milk. This makes the sauce thicker. 

However, you can follow various ways of making this unique sauce. It will vary the taste regarding what ingredients you’re mixing in it.

What Does Tzatziki Sauce Taste Like?

Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki Sauce has a tangy and light flavour that can make any bland food tasty. The most exciting thing about this sauce is that it’s in between of a mild and spicy flavour. Tzatziki sauce tastes terrific with a combination of herbs and spices. Serve it cold so you can get a refreshing flavor while eating this dip. People who love mayo-based, creamy dips would love tzatziki sauce.

However, the tzatziki sauce taste can vary depending on the brand/ recipe. Versatility makes this sauce more demanding.

Let’s learn about its taste and texture to know more about Tzatziki sauce:


“Fresh” and “Tangy” these two words that can describe tzatziki sauce better. 

Because of the herbs and spices, it brings tanginess. It can also taste sweet if you add some veggies and juices with this. You’ll also get a bit of sour cream in it.

Yogurt will bring this feeling with every bite. And the fresh herbs will get fresh along with herby element with every crunch. And there is some crunchiness because of the chopped cucumber. Try skipping lemon juice if you want a less tang and mellow flavor. 


“Creamy” and “runny” would be two perfect words to describe tzatziki sauce. Although it includes a lot of other spices and vegetables, it will have a lot of yogurts.

And, Yogurt makes a grainy yet thick consistency. Cucumber has an efficient level of moisture to make the sauce runnier. If you want the sauce to be less runny, drain the extra moisture. 

What Does Tzatziki Sauce Go With?

grilled chicken with Tzatziki Sauce

The tzatziki sauce is served with a lot of Greek dishes. Its versatility suits both vegetable dishes as well as meat ones. Another essential thing about tzatziki sauce is they are served cold. 

Non-vegetarian dishes

Even if you’re trying it with hot fries, this can give a fresh taste. Greek loaded oven fries are a famous dish served with this special tzatziki sauce. Also, you can serve this dip with salads, cheese fries, light appetizers, homemade naan, pita bread, and many other dishes. 

Vegetarian dishes

This sauce can be served as a dip that goes well with any dish made of lamb, meat, and pork. This dip is a Greek recipe, but it can make any other food fancy. Even if you’re having homemade kabob for dinner, use this sauce along with it. If you’re a fish lover, try white fish fry with tzatziki sauce to make it more flavourful.

If we blend up the concepts of veg and non-veg dishes now, here are some great options for you to try with Tzatziki sauce.

Greek Grilled Chicken Breast

Greek grilled chicken breast is a solid flavourful meat dish. This chicken breast needs hours of marination with a lot of spices. You need to serve it hot to get the tender flavor. Contrasting those dishes with a cold dip like Tzatziki can bring a lot of flavor to you. This would be a perfect mixture of vitamins and proteins as well.

Greek Meatballs

Greek meatballs served with tzatziki sauce are a traditional dish. It is filled with aromatic fresh herbs and flavourful spices. Greek meatballs are easy to make. If you paint this with a refreshing sauce like Tzatziki, it will look fancy and taste hundreds of times better.  


Seafood is mainly served as fries. Seafood dishes include a good amount of salt and crunchiness. Tzatziki sauce makes it more delicious. The cold and smooth sauce will blend with the sauteed seafood, and this can bring an amazing taste.

Fries & Chips

You might think fries and chips are basic food. But these fries and chips will be fancy with this Greek Tzatziki sauce. Whether you’re serving potato fries or cheese, tzatziki sauce makes everything easier.


Gyro is a particular type of pita bread. It includes roasted lamb or beef and other vegetables like tomato and onion. This will make an incredible flavor made with chilled tzatziki sauce. You can take the runny dip and spread it over your gyro pita. It can be served at any meal of the day.


Souvlaki is another traditional Greek dish. Its main ingredient is lamb and meat. Souvlaki is made with robust marination and flavourful toppings. It includes some fresh vegetables as well. You’ll find an extremely wonderful flavor while trying souvlaki with tzatziki sauce.

How To Make Tzatziki Sauce In The Best Way?

Tzatziki Sauce and ingredients

The best thing about tzatziki sauce is they are effortless to make. And it also takes minimum effort and time. After spending a lot of time making the main dish, you would not want to put much effort into preparing a dip. However, tzatziki sauce will make the main course more tender.

You can make tzatziki sauce in many ways. But, if you’re trying to prepare this for the first time, try out the easiest recipe.

Gather some ingredients first:

  • Cucumber
  • Milk yogurt 
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Lemon juice
  • Garlic
  • Lemon juice
  • Fresh veggies
  • Spices and herbs

Follow these steps:

  • Get a bowl and grate the cucumbers well. The grated sauce should have a sauce-like consistency.
  • If you want to get rid of the excess moisture, try draining the water of the grated cucumber. You can use a fresh cloth to squeeze the grated cucumbers well.
  • Mix other ingredients like garlic, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and Yogurt. Make sure the Yogurt is made of raw milk.
  • You can add some aromatic herbs and flavourful spices like salt and chilies for a better taste.
  • Now, stir them well.
  • Keep it in the refrigerator for specific times, and your tzatziki sauce is ready to serve.

Is Tzatziki Sauce Healthy?

Tzatziki Sauce

The tzatziki sauce is a lighter and healthier dip than any other sauce. It has tons of health benefits and is filled with nutrition. 

From improving your eyesight to supporting your digestive system, tzatziki sauce ensures you to have a healthy meal that’s tasty as well. It has a high level of sodium and fewer calories. Greek tzatziki sauce uses Greek Yogurt. So, this makes tzatziki sauce filled with more protein than any other sauce.

If you try this dip with meat-based recipes, it will be your ultimate powerhouse of protein. 

The nutrients and vitamins in this sauce can make your skin glow. Tzatziki sauce can also support healthy muscles, bones, and the heart. This can work great when you’re taking it while on a weight-loss diet.

Tzatziki sauce has the power to reduce hunger pangs and hunger hormones. And it contains only 25 calories in every two spoonfuls of tzatziki sauce. It is also low in carbs, sugars, cholesterol, and fats. So, you can certainly add this as a healthy option to your diet.  

Nutritional Factors of Tzatziki Sauce:

Nutrition FactorsAmount of Nutrition 
(100g serving of tzatziki sauce)
Calories92 kcal
Protein 5.35g
Calcium64 mg
Phosphorous86 mg
Potassium139 mg
Magnesium11 mg
Polyunsaturated Fatty acids0.641g 
Monounsaturated Fatty acids3.72g
Saturated Fatty Acid1.84g
Vitamin A3 mg

What’s The Best Way To Store Tzatziki Sauce?

Greek restaurants serve tzatziki sauce fresh. But, if you’ve leftover sauces, you obviously would not want it to waste. Even if you’re storing it, don’t expect it to last more weeks. Its main ingredient is milk yogurt, and dairy-based food gets run faster.

Technique 1:

In this way, you can store tzatziki sauce for up to four days. 

  • Get a clean plastic bag/ container. 
  • Now, pour all the leftover tzatziki sauces into it. 
  • Close the container well/ seal the bag entirely.
  • Keep it in the refrigerator.

Technique 2: 

This technique will keep your tzatziki sauce fresh for 3 to 4 months.

  • Here you need to get an ice cube tray.
  • Now, put your tzatziki leftover sauces in it.
  • Place it in the refrigerator and allow it to freeze.

Substitutes For Tzatziki Sauce:

Although tzatziki sauce is easy and instant to make, some might not prefer it. This can happen because of the taste or allergies/ digestive issues with the ingredients. Especially lactose intolerant people might want to skip the yogurt. So, they can try some other alternative sauces that are also easy to make and taste delicious.

Give a check here:


Does tzatziki taste like yogurt?

As the main ingredient of tzatziki sauce is yogurt, it will definitely have a flavor of it. However, this sauce doesn’t neatly taste like yogurt. Yogurt will add only a tangy flavor and runny texture to it. 

Can Lactose Intolartns Eat Tzatziki Sauce?

Lactose-intolerant people might want to skip dairy products. Tzatziki sauce includes milk yogurt. But, many lactose intolerants can digest yogurt better. If you’ve no issues with yogurt, try this sauce.

Is Tzatziki Sauce Bitter?

No, tzatziki sauce should not have any bitter taste. But, if you make it wrong or use too many ingredients, it will bring a bitter taste. So, you must know how many ingredients you should use while making the perfect tzatziki sauce as the Greeks make.


The tzatziki sauce is a popular Greek recipe. This brings a fresh taste to both salads and meat-based recipes. If you’re concerned about your weight and yet want to taste something delicious, try this fantastic recipe. It brings refreshment with every bite.

And it is still one of the healthiest sauces  you can try with any food. You can make this including various pieces. So, try out different recipes as well to explore with amazing tzatziki sauce taste.

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