White Truffle Oil Vs Black Truffle Oil: What Makes Them Different?

If you’re interested in cooking, you must have heard about truffle oil. This oil is a fancy special oil that is used before serving food. Its rich, enhanced aroma makes any dish more appealing. However, there has been a significant debate regarding White Truffle Oil Vs Black Truffle Oil.

Both of the oils can complement your dish. The primary difference is their taste and aroma. White truffle is softer and milder in scent than black truffle oil. They are also different in taste. Yet, both of them hold great demand in Europe. Do you know which truffle oil suits which dish? This seems to be a big concern for anyone who wants to add truffle oil to their dish.

Read the entire article, and then you can know the ins and outs of truffle oil. Everything is different between these two oils, from harvesting to storing.

What Exactly Truffle Oil Is?: Surface-Level Talks

Truffle oil is a demanding modern flavoring ingredient in the kitchen. It is known for its natural aroma and flavor that it adds to a dish. Mostly, this oil is used after cooking for garnishing. So whether you’re making Chowmein, french fry, salad, or pasta, adding truffle oil will change the game. 

Truffle oil is found around some particular trees as an edible fungus. However, it is not that available and quite expensive in most areas. That’s why truffle oils are being produced synthetically too. And synthetic truffle oils are quite affordable.

Truffle oil is considered to be a healthy food component. This is because it includes premium quality extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is healthier and keeps your heart protected from cholesterol. Also, It is enriched with vitamins and minerals.

So, truffle oil holds no health risks. But you must be conscious that you’re not using it too much. A large amount of truffle oil causes diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and stomach issues.

You can find three types of truffles ( white, black, and french). White and Black truffles are comparatively more popular in the cooking world.

What Is White Truffle Oil?

White truffles have been known as the “diamond of the kitchen” for many years. It’s not only about their high price range, but it also enriches the food. Its royal aroma and scent make any food more delicious. In Italy, it is called piedmont/ Alba. 

White truffle oil includes a special ingredient extracted from the white truffles. It also has olive oil and infused oil mixed together. 

You can’t really describe the taste of white oil without testing. It has a unique and subtly sweet flavor that can mesmerize anyone. It is neither that harsh that it will ruin your food’s real taste, nor too mild that it will make you regret purchasing. The main attraction of white truffles is their aroma.

You can find white truffle oil in your nearest super shop. Also, just search it online to order.

Uses of White Truffle oil

“Aroma”., “Essence,” and “Flavour” are the main purposes of using white truffle oil. 

White Truffle oil is used both in restaurants and by home cooks. Professional chefs prefer this dynamic component to add truffle flavor to your dish. But, well, using it directly while cooking might ruin the taste. Also, truffle oil might be destroyed by direct heat. So, it should be used after the dish is ready. 

Generally, one or two drops of white truffle oil are enough to enrich your dish. This oil can be used even on eggs, vegetables, and popcorn. Your mashed potato will turn incredible with one drop of white truffle oil. If you want to make an incredible beep carpaccio, rabbit meat, or shellfish, use white truffle oil.

Besides, professional chefs use this over pizza, pasta, risotto, and french fries. And you can use white truffle oil in cool dishes like (creamy sauce or dippings). 

What is Black Truffle oil?

Black truffle oil is an amazing vegan component for getting a unique flavor to your food. It gets easily blended into your food and provides a delicate taste and scent. Black truffle oil is famous in France. It is known as the “black diamond of the kitchen.” They also call it “Périgord truffles.”

The taste of black truffle oil is quite strong. It has an intense earthy scent. It has a slight buttery taste too. A few drops of black truffle can last for a really long time.

Uses of Black Truffle Oil

Black truffle oil is recommended for use in roasted meat. Also, black truffles can enhance the taste if you’re preparing a dish with intense tomato flavor/ hot sauce. They blend well with deep and strong flavourful dishes.

It can enhance the vinaigrette flavor well. And even intense flavored greens ( arugula) get tastier with black truffle oil. 

However, stay aware of using too much black truffle oil. This will make your dish greasy and tasteless. If you use it, this is the right amount. It will give an intense umami flavor.

For dishes that are served hot, their black truffle oil blends better.

White Truffle Oil Vs. Black Truffle Oil: What are the Differences? 

The basic difference between white and black truffle oil is its taste and aroma. White truffle oil is comparatively more subtle in flavor than black truffle oil. It also has different tastes, textures, price ranges, and making and using procedures. 

To make their best use, you must know what the differences are:

Comparison ParameterWhite Truffle  Black Truffle
ComponentWhite truffle species  (Magnatum pico)Black Truffle species (Tuber Aestivum)
FlavourEarthy and nutty flavorEarthier and woodsy flavor
Harvesting seasonWinterSummar  
UseUsed in mildly flavored dishUsed in robustly flavored dish

Aside from these; you should know some other differences about black and white truffles. Here you go.


White truffle oil has an onion or garlic-like taste. On the other hand, black truffle has a meaty flavor. Black truffle oil will add some pungent and earthy taste.

On the other hand, white truffle oil will add a delicate and subtle taste. White truffle oil adds a clove of garlic and a paper-based taste to your dish. And black truffle oil gives a sulfurous flavor instead.


Black truffle is intense in scent. And white truffle instead has a soothing, soft, and subtle aroma to enrich your dish. In both ways, the aroma can disappear in a very short time. Especially applying direct heat is never recommended to protect the fragrance. 

Price Insights

Black truffle oil is less expensive than white truffle oil. White truffle oil costs around $25, and black truffle costs around $200. 


Balck truffle oil has an intense taste that impacts your dish longer than other truffle oil.

Use: White truffle is better used as finishing oil spreading over dishes. It gives a mild finish to enhance the flavor of your food. Black truffle oil is also used as a finishing oil.  

Storing process

You should wrap white truffle oil in a paper/ cloth. You can store it in the refrigerator at a temperature of 3 to 6-degree celsius. And, for black truffle oil, you can pour it into a bottle and keep it in a cooler place. Well, you don’t need to keep black truffle oil in the refrigerator.

Harvesting process

White truffle oil is harvested in winter. And black truffle oil is mostly harvested in the summer season. So, the price range can also differ regarding harvesting seasons. 

Which One Is The Customer’s Favorite Black or White Truffle Oil?

There has been a major debate between black and white truffles. Most can’t decide which one is better. Some prefer black truffles because of their exclusive nature and intense taste. However, black and white truffle oil is superior in its own way. 

However, that doesn’t make them any superior. And for people who love their food to be light, white truffle oil will be their preference. 

And the white truffle oil blends better with creamy foods. And black truffle oil gets better in taste with strong flavourful dishes.  

People who want a flavourful aroma in your food might like white truffles. Its fragrance gives a taste of onion and pepper. Because of their extensive popularity, the white truffle is higher in price. Every year, around the USA, they make a huge business out of truffle oil. 

Both of these oils are good in taste. You just need to be light while using these oils. Make sure whichever one you use compliment your food’s flavor. End of the day, the flavor preference will vary from person to person. So, you can’t pick one over another.

Can I Use Black Truffle Oil Instead of White Truffle Oil?

Yes, you can use black truffles instead of white truffles in a dish. They are different in many ways. However, the only similarity is that both can be used in all types of dishes. The only thing to consider here would be the amount.

If you’re preparing a soft-flavored dish and you don’t have white truffle oil, use black one in a smaller amount. And, even in many recipes, people prefer using both of them together.

Pasta, cheese, corn, egg, risotto, potato, etc., get tastier with truffle oil. These foods go well with both oils. Neither the black nor the white oil will overpower your dish’s taste. 

Tips for Using Truffle Oil In Recipes

It might not matter which truffle oil you use. But consider how you’re using the oils. Excess amounts of truffle oil can ruin the taste, overpower the real flavor of the dish and cause a health risk. 

So, follow the core two tips:

  • Don’t pour truffle oil directly over your food. Instead, take small drops and drizzle the food. 
  • You can’t cook in truffle oil. Direct heat will ruin the taste of the truffle. And you obviously would not want to waste your bucks.
  • If you want to keep your food light, don’t use black truffle oil.
  • Truffle oils expire in 3 to 6 months. So, do use them on time and store them properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put truffle oil on before or after cooking?

Truffle oil is a special type of finishing oil. You can’t really use it for cooking. So, after you’re done preparing your dish, just take a few drops and drizzle the food with this aromatic oil. It will be an amazing addition to your food.

What is the most flavorful truffle?

Italian white truffle is comparatively more flavourful. This is because most high-end restaurants like to keep their food light. And white truffle has this raw aroma that coaxes the flavor of any light dish.

Which truffle oil will you prefer for pasta and french fry?

White truffle oil will be the perfect pick for pasta and french fry. Pasta and french fries are both rich foods. So, lighter truffle oil can complement those foods well.

Is black truffle oil good for steak and pizza?

Steak and pizza are both bold in flavor. And black truffle oil can complement those foods better. These are also eaten hot. So that will add a longer and better aroma to your dish.

Why do chefs not like truffle oil?

Well, chefs don’t like “commercial” truffle oil. Those truffle oils are made of synthetic components. And professional chefs believe nothing can replace the natural aroma of natural truffles. And nature ones are high in price. So, not all chiefs prefer using truffle oils.


Truffle oil boosts the flavor of your dish. It gives a complex, rich flavor to your food. In restaurants, truffle oil is considered a fancy ingredient. However, natural truffle pills are quite expensive.

These two types of truffle oil (black and white) can boost your taste. If you’re a cook, you must know which one to use and when. However, many searches for substitutes for these oils, and extra virgin olive oil or truffle powder can be some great options.

But, professional chefs prefer oils as they give a more long-lasting and real aroma.

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