Serrano Vs Poblano

Serrano Vs Poblano

Serrano and poblano should be top of your favorite pepper list if you are a spice lover. Both Serrano and poblano are found in Mexico.

The basic difference between Serrano and poblano is the size. Serrano pepper is a larger and thicker spice than poblano. But the taste and spice level would be different. Serrano is spicier than Poblano. 

This creates good taste with salads, hot sauces, sandwiches, and meaty dishes. You’ll find Mexican dishes using Serrano and poblano in traditional ways. To know more about Serrano and poblano, read the entire article. 

Serrano Vs Poblano: Quick Comparison

Well, there are a lot of things you will know about serrano and poblano. However, there have some basic differences to check before you jump on to further details. 

Give a quick check:

Basis of Comparison SerranoPoblano
TasteBright and grassyMeaty 
TextureSmooth skinWaxy skin
ColorRedDark green
Spice levelExtremeMid level
Size1.5 to 2.5 inches4 to 5 inches
SHU10,000 – 23,0001,000-1,500

What is Serrano?


Serrano is a medium-hot pepper that gives a spicier taste than a jalapeno. They will look like Jalapeno in many ways but are shorter in size. 

The origin of Serrano is Mexico. It is found massively in the mountain regions there. Serrano pepper is known as a species of Capsicum Annum. In Mexico, they get around 200,000 tons of Serrano every year.

If you want to add some record-breaking spice level to your food, Serrano is the ultimate ingredient to add. Serano is a mixture of dozens of chili peppers and bell peppers. They can be used in both forms: powder and fresh. 

The taste will vary regarding varieties of Serrano and its maturity. You will get a mild level of heat in green Serrano and an increased level of heat in red ones. However, the heat level of Serrano is around 10,000 to 23,000 on average.

What is Poblano?

Poblano is a mild-flavored chili pepper. It is larger in size and darker green in color. As the size of the pepper will have an inverse relation with Sereno, it has a milder level of heat.

Poblano chili originated in Puebla, Mexico. It is quite popular in public and known for giving the best roasted and peeled Texture. You will find it similar to a bell pepper in size and Jalapeno in taste. It is a spice from capsicum annum spices.

The spice level of Poblano is 1,000 to 1,500. However, it will vary regarding the maturity level of Poblano. Ripe and red poblanos are spicier than green and unripe ones. They bring the best taste to smokey dishes. Even if you want to keep it simple yet spicy, go for sauteed dishes. 

Detailed Differences Between Serrano and Poblano

Well, you already know that serrano and poblano are not the same. However, you might want to do more before picking any of these. Get a quick check on the detailed information about serrano and poblano:

Size, color, and Texture

Serrano spices are comparatively smaller in size than Poblano. Poblano pepper can grow to 4 to 5 inches. In contrast, serrano pepper is around 1.5 to 2.5 inches in size. 

Serrano peppers are green when they are unripe. With the maturity level, the colors will differ from brown, red, yellow, or orange. Poblano pepper is darker green in color. 

Serrano spice holds quite thin skin. Poblano pepper has wrinkled skin and gives peelable skin after heating. Poblano seeds are comparatively softer than Serrano.

Spice Level

Poblano pepper has less spice level than Serrano. Serrano pepper has a heat level of 10,000 to 23,000 SHU, whereas Poblano’s is around 1,000 to 1,500 only. So, it’s clear that Serrano is five times spicier than Poblano. However, the heat level will differ regarding the varieties of serrano or poblano plants. Some spices provide more heat than others.  


Serrano is a spicy, bright, and fresh-tasting pepper. It will give a similar grassy flavor as a jalapeno. In contrast, the poblano pepper is similar to the bell pepper. It has a slightly sweet flavor as well. Serrano flavor has a fresh and tangy flavor.


Serrano tastes excellent with sandwiches and salads. It makes a great spicy salad. Also, Serrano gives a great taste with hot sauce. Poblano also tastes great with salads, chilis, quesadillas, and relishes.

Storing Process 

You can simply store poblano pepper in the refrigerator for 7 to 10 days. However, if you want to store peeled or roasted ones, store them in a zip-lock plastic bag or airtight container. And, if you want to store Serrano, try dehydrating the pepper first.  

Which Is Spicier: A Poblano Or Serrano Pepper?

Serrano pepper is comparatively five times spicier than pepper. If you know the basics about paper, the smaller they are, the spicier it will be in taste. Its skins are thicker and juicer, which tastes similar to hot salsa pepper. Scoville Heat units are something that counts the heat units. 

Scoville heat unit of serrano: 10,000-23,000

Scoville heat units of poblano: 1,000-1,500

Although Poblano is five times less spicy than Serrano, it is considered to be spicy. So, if you love mild spicy dishes, Poblano would be your pick.

On the contrary, Serrano can set fire to your mouth. 

chile stuffed Poblano
chile stuffed Poblano

How Do You Prepare A Serrano Pepper?

Hu can make serrano pepper in many ways. It can be used in varieties of dishes. To prepare Serrano, you should know which one will not kill its spiciness. 

The popular processes of preparing Serrano: 

  • Chop serrano pepper properly and spread some salsas to give it an enhanced flavor.
  • Chop Serano well and mix relish to get an extra hot taste.
  • Cut Serrano well and spread some yogurt or other salad dressings.
  • You can add mole sauces with raw Serrano.
  • Chop Serrano well and add some guacamole. 

How Do You Prepare A Poblano Pepper?

Poblano pepper is comparatively easier to prepare. They include thick and big skin. While preparing it, you might have to peel this off. 

Here is how you can easily prepare poblano pepper:

  • Get a bowl of cold water and use its steam to remove the skin of the Poblano.
  • Slit down the skin of the pepper.
  • Now, separate the cluster and veins thoroughly.

Now you can use the skin for stuffing and separate seeds for other recipes. 

What Can be The Substitute for Serrano?

Serrano pepper is similar to other small and thick peppers available. Whichever substitute you choose, make sure theta gives a thick, meaty taste. 

The most common substitute for serrano pepper is Jalapeno. Jalapeno is widely available. Although they will be slightly milder than Serrano, you can use more Jalapeno to make it spicier. 

Another suitable substitute for Serrano is cayenne pepper. They can give a good alternative taste in hot sauce, salads, and cajun dishes. Even cringe pepper also makes a great taste in powder form. 

Habanero pepper is hotter and has a citrusy flavor like Serrano. 

Besides, red pepper flakes, Gureo chile, Banana pepper, and even hot sauce are also good alternatives.

What’s The Substitute for Poblano?

Poblano pepper has several substitutes available in different species of pepper. One of the best-tasting alternative peppers is the anaheim pepper. However, this will give a spicier taste than the Poblano itself. 

Ancho pepper is another good pick if you search for a dried poblano alternative. This is also good for stuffing. It gives the same earthy and smoky flavor as Poblano. 

Bell pepper is a good fit as a poblano substitute. They are similar to bell paper in thickness. 

Can I Use Serrano Instead of Poblano?

Well, Poblano pepper is milder than Serrano. But both of them are used in spicy dishes. Suppose you can substitute Serrano for pompano and vice versa. But to make it in the right spice level for Poblano, you need to use less Serrano in it.

Similarly, when you’re using Poblano instead of Serrano in a recipe, use a larger amount of this for an increased level of spice.

Which Pepper Is Better For Stuffing?

Stuffing gets better if you use a larger size of the pepper. Poblano has a larger size and thicker skin, which makes it handy for stuffing. There are some traditional poblano recipes that allow you to use both meat and vegetables.

There are some famous poblano pepper stuffed recipes. They add additional taste to meat-based dishes. 

Serrano Vs Poblano: Nutrition Factors

Serrano and poblano both are traditionally popular.  However, the nutritional value might be a big thing to check before you prefer any. 

Here is a table that will show you the average nutrition value of serrano and poblano: 

Basis of comparisonSerrano Poblano
Fat0.5gless than 1 gram
Sodium10.5mg2 mg
Fiber3.9g2.5 grams
Sugar4g150 grams
Vitamin C47.1mg134% of the Daily Value
Potassium350mg175 mg
Carbs7 grams7 grams

Serrano Health benefits:  

Serrano is rich in Vitamin C and also improves the immune system. It has a rich antioxidant level that also is helpful in recovering from any tissue damage. Intaking serrano will improve heart health. It also improves blood vessels. Serrano gives extreme relief from arthritis and sore muscles.

Poblano Health benefits: 

Poblanio is also good for boosting your immune system. It helps you to fight chronic diseases like cancer or heart issues. You can even try eating it to fight overweight issues. 

Wrap Up

Serrano and poblano both are different but are spicier than any other regular pepper. You can use them as substitutes for different dishes. If you love Mexican cuisine and spicy dishes, try out both of these spices. However, poblano is suitable for mild spicy dishes. On the contrary, serrano will bring the best taste to spicy dishes.

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